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Exteriors, Roofing & Outdoor Living is a complete home services company and the premium Dallas fence company you can trust. No matter where you live or have a business in North Texas, we can meet your fencing needs so that you and your possessions stay safe and your property looks great.

You Have Options In Fencing

What kind of fence are you considering? Let us help you make a smart decision. We specialize in the installation and repair of these popular fencing types at homes and businesses:


There are just about as many styles of wood fencing as there are suburbs of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex – and that’s a lot. Some are primarily to denote the border between properties and aren’t very sturdy. Others are designed to keep children and pets safe and inside. Still others are designed with privacy in mind. Xtreme Air Services can handle installation and repair of any type of wood fence.
Chain Link Fencing

Chain link

Simple, durable and cost-effective, chain link fences go up quickly and can protect your home and property well. In most cases, they last well, and they fit right into many areas – looking and working great for years to come. Today’s chain link fences are sturdier and more reliable than ever before.
Metal Fencing

Wrought Iron

Elegant and sophisticated when designed and installed right, wrought iron fences are often custom-built and professionally installed for maximum impact. At Xtreme Air Services, we’re experts in home and commercial wrought iron and in the design and installation of a wide range of metal fence types for decorative or security purposes.
Vinyl Fencing


For durability through the years and a consistent, low-maintenance appeal, vinyl fencing could the choice you’re looking for. It’s perfect for suburban homes, ranches, businesses and other applications where years of protection and beauty are desired. At Xtreme Air Services, we offer color and design choices for every application along with professional installation.

Automatic Gates Are Our Specialty Too

Automatic gates make great fences better and allow for easy access to your home or business. Options are available for systems that open in, out and even up. A variety of gate looks and designs are compatible with automatic openers, including many existing gates. Learn more about your choices when you contact us for more information.

Fences increase the curb appeal of homes and businesses while providing added safety and security that you can’t get any other way. But a bad fence detracts from a property rather than adding to it. Let us help you select the right fence and gate for your situation.

Plus, we’re more than fences. At Exteriors, Roofing & Outdoor Living, we’re a full-service home and commercial services company and look forward to working at your business or residence. We’re a team that’s ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations around your property and across North Texas. Why not contact us now to learn how we can assist you?

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