Have recent storms done a number on your roof?
Some damage requires close professional inspection to detect.
And your insurance may pay up to 100 percent of replacement cost.

Take these 4 steps to a durable, beautiful replacement roof:

  • Contact us for a free inspection.
  • Let us honestly tell you if you have damage.
  • Allow us to help with insurance paperwork.
  • Get the insurance company to pay for your roof (minus deductible, if any).

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Solving Your Residential Roofing Problems

As one of the highest-rated and most trusted roofing companies in North Texas, our team at Exteriors, Roofing & Outdoor Living is ready to provide installation and repair of asphalt shingles at your home in Dallas, Fort Worth and elsewhere in the region. Improve the look of your home and save it from water damage with a quality roof designed to stand the tests of time. We’re a full-service residential roofing contractor, and we look forward to coming to your home to provide a free estimate and quick service no matter your situation.

A Complete Array of Roofing Services

When you turn to Exteriors, Roofing & Outdoor Living, you’re selecting proven experts in a range of home services. We’ll come to your home for a free in-person consultation and complete review of your repair, maintenance or new roof needs, offering you options to fit your budget, goals and home. We’re pleased to answer any questions you may have and help you reach the right decision. Expect a detailed written estimate from Xtreme Roofing and Outdoor Living.
Roofing Inspections

Roof Inspections

We provide roof inspections to determine the extent of damage to your roof, its current overall condition and more. Then we work with you and your insurance company. We can also provide inspection services for real estate agents.

Roofing Replacement

Roofing Replacements

Also called simply re-roofing, roof replacement involves putting new asphalt singles or other products over an existing roof – or, in some cases, complete removal of old roofing and even replacement of decking before doing the job.

New Construction Roofing

We’re experienced in working with developers, contractors and homeowners for new construction roofing. From a single home to a large subdivision or development, we have the resources and capacity to handle the job on time, on budget and within the expected time frame.

Storm Damaged Roof

Storm Damage Repair

Storm and hail damage repair is inevitable here in Texas, where almost every home will eventually be damaged by high winds, hail or other natural forces. Our team can inspect your roof, determine what repairs are necessary and perform the work quickly, working with insurance when necessary until you get approved.

We’ll Help You Decide The Best Course Of Action

Roofing can be a major investment, so it’s important to choose a proven home services company like Exteriors, Roofing & Outdoor Living. It’s also important to select quality roofing products from well-known manufacturers.

In the case of storm damage, we can see if you’ve have significant granule loss or other roof damage you can’t see from the ground and honestly advise you about whether filing an insurance claim is in your best interest. We don’t advise filing a claim for minor damage and can work with you to stay within your budget. We can even work with your insurance company’s adjuster to make sure the damage to your home is accurately recorded and paid for.

At Exteriors, Roofing & Outdoor Living, we’re on your side when it comes to roofing installation and repair. Contact us now for your free consultation and to learn more about how we can help you get your home protected from the elements.